M’sian Man Who Wore Shorts To Govt Building Given Sarong To Wear By Guard

Another case.
In recent days, the thorny issue of alleged attire policing and dress code has popped up in the news again and triggered a wave of outcry from Malaysians.

Another similar incident took place recently after a video of a man given a sarong to wear after he was found to be wearing shorts to a government building.

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Guard giving m'sian man a sarong
Screenshot via FB/Jason Teoh

Man given sarong to cover his shorts

In a 41-second clip shared to Facebook by Jason Teoh yesterday (Mar 22), it showed a young man clad in a yellow t-shirt and black shorts being given a sarong to wear as his shorts had apparently violated the dress code.

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Although the young man tried to argue his way out if it, the guard wasn’t having any of it and insisted that he put the sarong on.

He was also seen helping the young man tie the sarong around his waist before ushering him into the building’s entrance.

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Guard helping m'sian man wear a sarong
Screenshot via FB/Jason Teoh

According to the person filming the entire incident, it reportedly took place at a government building in Selangor and that those who failed to adhere to the dress code would have to wear a sarong before entering.

Divided opinions

The video, which has since garnered 151,000 views, saw netizens offering differing views on the incident.

Some felt that the move was excessive and an example of misplaced priorities and “backwardness”.

‘The only country in the world that’s regressing.’

M'sian man who wore shorts to govt building given sarong to wear by guard comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Jason Teoh

‘I’m very curious…will a man’s legs sexually arouse another person?’

M'sian man who wore shorts to govt building given sarong to wear by guard comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Jason Teoh

On the other hand, some praised the guard for his actions, saying that rules were rules. One also added that even casinos had dress codes in place.

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M'sian man who wore shorts to govt building given sarong to wear by guard comment 3
Screenshot via FB/Jason Teoh

What do you think of the incident? Share with us in the comments!

Just this week, a woman’s claim about how a guard stopped her from entering a hospital and yelled a racial slur at her for wearing shorts went viral:

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