M’sian Man Earns Up To RM14k Monthly As Tower Crane Operator After Failing SPM

He shared some tips on how to become a tower crane operator.
Just a few days ago, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results was released, While some students celebrated their achievements, others were left puzzled, contemplating their next steps

A Malaysian man recently shared his journey, proving that even after failing SPM, one can still earn a substantial income, up to RM 14,000 per month.

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He found his path as a tower crane operator, a job that, while risky, comes with significant financial rewards.

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Tower crane operator
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This man’s story was shared on a Facebook page, Si Solihin, detailing a guide on how to become a tower crane operator.

“Failed SPM, Earn RM 7k-14k Monthly as a Tower Crane Operator” was the headline of the post before delving into the story.

The man revealed that the first step to becoming a tower crane operator is obtaining the necessary license. Before you can get the license, training institutes will check if you have basic crane operating skills.

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“If you have never operated a crane before, you cannot participate in the licensing training,” he explained.

He also emphasised that it’s crucial to connect with current tower crane operators who can eventually help you learn the basics of crane operation.

Tower crane
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With the basic skills, one can then proceed to apply for a training program. Moreover, when taking the license, you will undergo two tests which is a theory test and a practical test.

“I used to be a tower crane operator, and I often offered to teach anyone interested on Facebook. To qualify them to take the license, I have taught over ten people, and they have all become tower crane operators until now,” he revealed.

He said that by following these steps, you can start your career as a tower crane operator and work towards earning a substantial monthly income.

Man counting money
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Even if you fail your SPM, it does not mean the end of your journey.

There are always opportunities to learn and gain new knowledge, and with careful planning and the right path, you can still achieve great success.

Here is the full post:

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