M’sian Man Drains RM750K In EPF Savings Within 7 Years, Uses Wife’s Pension To Survive

He's fortunate his wife's pension lightens their financial load in their later years.
Retirement is a milestone many look forward to after years of dedicated service in their respective careers.

However, for Abdul Rahman Abdullah, a former manager of a direct sales company on the East Coast, retirement brought both fulfilment and financial challenges. His story serves as a valuable lesson on the importance of managing retirement funds wisely.

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Man drains RM750K In EPF savings within 7 years

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Abdul Rahman’s journey into retirement began in 2017 at the age of 57, following 27 years of service with a company based overseas, reported Sinar Harian.

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Here’s how Abdul Rahman’s retirement journey unfolded:

  • In 2017, he had amassed RM750,000 in EPF savings, split between RM500,000 in Account 1 and RM250,000 in Account 2.
  • Initially, Abdul Rahman envisioned a comfortable retirement. He allocated funds for household renovations and family celebrations, including:
    • Investing RM200,000 in home upgrades such as concrete fences and expansions to the kitchen and garage.
    • Using RM70,000 for his daughters’ weddings in 2016 and 2018, reflecting his commitment to family values.

Facing financial realities: Depleting EPF savings

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However, as the years passed, Abdul Rahman faced the harsh reality of managing his retirement finances amidst rising living costs.

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Daily expenses, such as groceries, utilities, and transportation, gradually depleted his EPF savings.

He observed that even routine grocery shopping required a significant portion of his retirement funds, highlighting the challenges retirees face in sustaining their lifestyles.

“Every time I go out to buy groceries, I need to have RM100 or more,” he said.

Even with money troubles, Abdul Rahman stayed tough, stressing how crucial it is for retirees to spend smart and stick to a budget. He advises other retirees to keep a close eye on their spending to make sure their EPF funds last through retirement.

Gladly, he considers himself fortunate to have a wife who receives a pension, easing the financial burden during their twilight years. Their partnership exemplifies the solidarity and mutual assistance necessary for retirees to thrive in their post-career lives.

“I’m fortunate because my wife, aged 62, receives a pension as a retired government employee. Her pension helps us cover our expenses as we grow old,” he concluded.

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