‘I Can Hurt You Anytime’ — M’sian Man Demands Apology From Schoolmate Who Bullied Him 30 Years Ago

Man with a vengeance.
Bullying is when one is physically, emotionally, and verbally abused by either their classmates or peers simply because they’re unpopular or seen as easy targets to pick on.

While bullies often forget what they’ve done as they grow older, the same can’t be said for their victims, who are left to deal with the psychological consequences of bullying.

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School bullying
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Kosmo

Suffered physical bullying

This was certainly the case for a young man, who is still unable to forgive a schoolmate for bullying him close to 30 years ago.

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According to a post shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Amad SID Diallo, it showed a screenshot of the man leaving a comment on social media, recounting the pain he endured at the hands of his schoolmate.

“I was a bullying victim at the age of 9 at a religious school. The bully was Form 1 at the time. He threw gum into my clothes from behind. We took the same bus together and I once lashed out at him when I got off the bus.

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“The next day, I got pulled aside and was slapped several times and spat on. No one backed me up because the bully had his own gang,” he wrote.

Student being bullied by classmates
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M’sian man demands apology from schoolmate

30 years later, the young man shared that he often crossed paths with the bully and still nurses a deep sense of vengeance against him.

My blood boils whenever I see him. I can hurt him anytime but the problem is I often see him at public places when he’s with his children.

“You owe me an apology. PM (personal message) me if you dare,” he wrote after name-dropping his schoolmate, the school he attended, and the year which the bullying took place.

M'sian man demands apology from school bully
Photo via X/@sidchan

‘The pain never goes away’

The tweet has since garnered 1.7 million views at the time of writing and netizens chipped in with their thoughts on the matter.

One wrote that it was unlikely for the young man’s bully to remember what he did in the past as it would be remembered as a “joke” but the victim has to live with the trauma.

'i can hurt you anytime' — m'sian man demands apology from schoolmate who bullied him 30 years ago comment 1
Screenshot via X/@sidchan

One netizen shared about how he suffered from social anxiety in his adulthood after he was bullied during his younger years.

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'i can hurt you anytime' — m'sian man demands apology from schoolmate who bullied him 30 years ago comment 2
Screenshot via X/@sidchan

Another also said that he was a bullying victim, adding that he still remembers the faces of his bullies and that he will “never forgive those a**holes”.

'i can hurt you anytime' — m'sian man demands apology from schoolmate who bullied him 30 years ago comment 3
Screenshot via X/@sidchan

Read the tweet here:

If you are going through mental distress as a result of bullying, please seek professional help instead of taking matters into your own hands!

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