M’sian Man Claimed He Was Told To Leave For Ordering Packed Drink At Kopitiam

Why cannot ah?


WeirdKaya would like to clarify that the photo used as the link preview for this article is strictly for illustration purposes only and wasn’t meant to imply that the coffeeshop featured in the photo was the establishment that issued the instruction.

Nonetheless, we would like to extend our deepest and sincerest apologies for the inconveniences caused to all parties involved and we will do our best that such incidents will not happen in the future again.

Been a few weeks of talk about crazy prices and rules at Malaysian restaurant, and here’s another one.

Recently, a Malaysian man alleged that a staff member at a kopitiam in Kuchai Lama asked him to leave because he simply just ordered a packed drink.

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Teh o ice
Photo via WeirdKaya

M’sian asked to leave kopitiam

Taking to a Facebook group, the OP revealed his recent encounter he had a kopitiam at Kuchai Lama. He explained that he went to the kopitiam for breakfast.

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“Usually, I don’t order drinks, but since I wanted to eat Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun with sambal, I had to order one,” he said, mentioning that he requested one packed iced Chinese tea.

A plate of chee cheong fun
Photo via FB/秦朝太子

In response, the staff immediately said, “If you want, you can only drink here. If you want a packed drink, you can’t sit here anymore.”

According to his post, the OP had come to the kopitiam for breakfast, while his friends, who were foreign workers unable to dine in, were waiting for him there. Hence, he opted for a packed option.

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With no intention to escalate the situation any further, he simply left the kopitiam with his packed orders.

Netizens faced a similar situation

Some netizens in the section shared similar experiences, mentioning he couldn’t stay in the restaurant after ordering packed food.

“Is that “kakak” very fat and short? Last time I went to order tea for takeaway, I was sitting and eating, but they wouldn’t let me take it away. She said there’s no takeaway while sitting at the table! Not allowing takeaway tea while dining? I was in a good mood, but she ruined my morning.”

M'sian man claimed he was told to leave for ordering packed drink at kopitiam
Screenshot via FB/秦朝太子

“I used to eat here before, ordering water and rice to eat. Then I ordered iced coffee to go. The Chinese lady boss said we couldn’t pack water to take away, she said packing is only for taking away! What nonsense! From now on, I won’t eat here anymore.”

M'sian man claimed he was told to leave for ordering packed drink at kopitiam | weirdkaya
Screenshot via FB/秦朝太子

Have you ever had any similar experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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