M’sian Man Charged RM50 Extra For 4KM Journey By E-Hailing Driver Who Never Reached Pickup Point

The journey costs RM6 initially.

In a surprising turn of events, a passenger using the AirAsia Ride service in Kuala Lumpur faced an inexplicable charge.

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Initially expecting a mere RM 6 fare for a 4-kilometer journey, he was shocked to find a total charge of RM 56 on his account, including an astonishing RM 50 toll fee.

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This occurred despite the fact that the driver never reached the pickup point, leaving the passenger bewildered and questioning the legitimacy of the charge​​.

Adding to the confusion, another user reported a similar experience, raising concerns about potential systemic issues or fraud within the service.

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Both passengers were assigned the same driver, according to their app, which only deepened the mystery.

M'sian man charged rm50 extra for 4km journey by e-hailing driver who never reached pickup point | weirdkaya

No any prior notification

Speaking to WeirdKaya, he highlighted that he did not receive any prior notification about the fare change.

It was only a few minutes after the booking that he discovered he had been automatically charged RM56 without his consent, even though the driver never arrived at his location.

After reaching out to AirAsia’s customer service, he was informed via email that the case was under investigation.

Recently, he received confirmation that he would be refunded the full amount within 14-30 working days.

The passenger also noted the challenges in contacting AirAsia customer service, as they primarily use automated bots, making direct communication difficult.

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