M’sian Man Breaks Ambulance Window With Martial Arts Weapon, Tested Positive For Drugs

He attempted to attack the witnesses.

The thuggish behaviour of a man who slashed an ambulance window with a ‘kwan tao’ (关刀) machete led to his arrest by the police.

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A video of the incident also went viral on Facebook, with the suspect also seen berating several individuals inside the vehicle air conditioning repair shop.

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According to Kosmo!, Sibu District Police Chief ACP Zulkipli Suhaili said the 43-year-old suspect was arrested at 2 p.m. yesterday, shortly after his department received a report about the incident at noon.

He mentioned that according to the report, a local complainant stated that his vehicle’s air conditioning repair shop was visited by the unidentified suspect, who then proceeded to slash the ambulance’s window until it shattered.

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M'sian man breaks ambulance window with martial arts weapon, tested positive for drugs | weirdkaya
SS from FB/ funtasticko.net

“Acting on the report, a police team from the Sibu IPD Criminal Investigation Department successfully apprehended the suspect to assist in the investigation.

“During the arrest, the police team also confiscated the weapon from the suspect,” he stated today.

Zulkipli added that a ‘kwan tao’ machete was also found inside the vehicle driven by the suspect.

He said an initial urine screening test on the suspect also tested positive for methamphetamine.

The case is still under investigation under Section 427 of the Penal Code, and if found guilty, the punishment could be imprisonment for up to two years or a fine or both.

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