M’sian Lorry Driver Becomes An Air Steward After Attending The Job Interview For Fun

In a surprising turn of events, a young truck driver has made an unexpected career change, becoming an air steward.

Adam Mukri, a 24-year-old, went to an air steward interview to accompany a friend but ended up getting the job himself.

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Initially a truck driver

Adam as a lorry driver
Image via mStar

According to mStar, Adam, who earned a diploma in sports science in 2021, was forced to find work as a salesperson due to the pandemic’s Movement Control Order.

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Eventually, he became a truck driver for a logistics company while also doing some freelance modeling work.

Despite his height of 182 cm and occasional modeling gigs, he never considered becoming a air steward.

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Adam before becoming a flight attendant
Image via mStar

Attended a flight attendant interview for fun

“I accompanied a friend to the interview for fun, without serious expectations,” Adam shared.

“There were many outstanding candidates, and as a delivery truck driver, I felt out of place. But to my surprise, I was accepted.”

Flight attendant
Image via mStar

Adam’s life changed significantly after that fateful interview.

In an interview with online media mStar, he said that while becoming a flight attendant was never in his plans, he is determined to make the most of this opportunity.

Family happy for him

“My family is very happy that I became an air steward. My mother was initially worried, but she supported my decision,” Adam said.

After nine months in the job, Adam notes the substantial improvement in his income.

“The job’s nature hasn’t changed much; I’m still in the service industry. The only difference is that now I serve passengers in the sky instead of customers on the ground.”

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His new role has allowed him to travel the world, visiting countries like India, China, and Vietnam.

Adam believes everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and that with perseverance, those dreams can come true.

“I once felt insecure being just a truck driver, but with hard work and persistence, opportunities eventually come your way,” he reflected.

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“Before achieving our dreams, we all need to go through some effort; when the time is right, opportunities will present themselves.”

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