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M’sian Grandpa Gives Out Duit Raya Based On Body Weight, Gets Praised For His Creativity 

Good motivation.
While giving Duit Raya in green packets is a classic annual festive activity, injecting creativity can make it much more interesting and meaningful.

A TikTok user @Delima recently shared how her grandfather decides the amount of Duit Raya he will give to the family members based on their body weight.

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RM25 per kg

She shared a video that shows each of her family members weighing in before receiving these packets from her grandfather.

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Based on her explanation in the comment section, her grandfather had recorded their weights at last year’s Raya gathering, challenging them to either lose or gain weight over the year.

For every kilogram of weight change, they earn an additional RM25 from him.

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Grandpa comparing recorded weight on phone

In the clip, her grandfather was seen carefully comparing the body weight of each family member with the record he had on his phone.

After the grandfather’s evaluation, the ultimate winner was a woman who shed 12kg and received a reward of RM300, calculated by multiplying RM25 by 12.

The video caught the attention of netizens, garnering 1.9M views, 72k likes and 11.8k shares, as of writing.

Watch the video here.

So Creative and Effective!

Many netizens praised the man’s creative method for giving his family members good reasons and motivation to lose weight.

“It’s great that your grandfather motivates the grandchildren to lose weight and live healthily. RM25 for each kilogram lost is a lot. If you lose 20 kilograms, you get RM500. That’s rich!”

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Creative and generous grandpa

“Wow, that’s creative. I can try this with my family. Surely everyone will slim down after this.”

Can try with family

Some said they would’ve lost weight if this happened to them.

“If it’s like this, you’d automatically be motivated to lose weight.”

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“If it were like this, I would have slimmed down since a long time ago.”

Lost weight if this happened

A commenter said her husband has already started challenging her for next year’s Raya, giving RM50 per kg she can lose.

“Because of this video, my husband challenged me for next Eid: RM50 for every kilogram lost.”

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Husband challenge rm50 per kg

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