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M’sian Grab Food Rider Spotted Delivering Food And Joy In Pikachu Suit In Port Dickson

He makes deliveries extra wholesome!
A few days back, my family and I went on a short trip, and in the midst we decided to grab a quick hot drink at the Starbucks in Port Dickson.

Little did we know that our caffeine fix would come with an unexpected and delightful twist!

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As we waited for our orders, a sudden buzz of excitement filled the air.

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Heads turned, and there it was – a living, breathing Pikachu in the midst of Starbucks!

Laughter and giggles erupted as a Grab Food driver, decked out in a Pikachu costume from head to toe, strolled around while waiting for his delivery.

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Msian grab food rider waiting to pickup his order at starbucks store at port dickson.
Photo by WeirdKaya

Just a writer’s thing

Now, as a die-hard Pikachu fan also a writer, my inner child couldn’t resist the excitement.

Despite initial hesitation and the fear of rejection, I decided to approach the Pikachu man.

Much to my relief, he turned out to be not just humble but incredibly friendly, sparking off a spontaneous and delightful conversation.

M'sian grab food rider, who is in pikachu cuite, is standing in front of a starbucks store at port dickson.
Photo by WeirdKaya

In our brief chat, we found out that by day he is a regular government employee, but by his part-time hustle as a food delivery driver, he becomes something entirely different—Pikachu!

Also, the hardworking 38-year-old man shared that he took on the food delivery gig part-time for an additional income.

He’s been at this side hustle for about a year, but it’s only been the last three months that he’s spiced things up by rocking the Pikachu costume.

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Why Pikachu?

Then, I casually popped the question about why he specifically chose to rock the Pikachu costume during his food delivery escapades – and his answer was as simple as it gets “Pikachu is just too cute.”

Saipol shared that he loves seeing both kids and grown-ups light up when they spot him in his Pikachu costume.

He said the kids go crazy, jumping around with pure joy because Pikachu is their favorite Pokémon.

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Despite the challenges of donning the costume from dawn to dusk, especially in the scorching heat, Saipol told that the exhaustion fades away when he sees the genuine, happy smiles on his customers’ faces.

M'sian grab food rider in pikachu suit taking picture with people.
Photo provided to WeirdKaya.

It wasn’t just the customers – even the restaurant staff were pleasantly surprised and entertained by this unexpected and cheerful guest.

Each day, clad in his Pikachu suit, he sets out to serve customers not just with food but with a contagious smile and an unwavering commitment to creating memorable experiences.

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The following morning, as the sun kissed Port Dickson awake, I spotted Saipol once again, astride his bike and ready to embark on another day of spreading joy.

So, the next time you spot a Pikachu delivering your meal, remember the man behind the costume, on a mission to brighten your day and remind us all to always spread kindness, one Pikachu smile at a time.

Also, hats off to every hardworking food delivery driver who tirelessly puts in their best effort, rain or shine, to ensure our cravings are satisfied!

Watch the video here:


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