M’sian Woman Gives RM2 To Old Man, Later Finds Him Counting A Stack Of Cash

Proof that Malaysians are very generous!
A woman, moved by compassion, gave RM2 to an elderly man who appeared to be in need, only to be stunned when she discovered how much the man had received.

According to the Facebook video, the woman shared that the incident took place on a Wednesday morning at a traditional coffee shop in Batu Pahat.

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Giving him her last two RM1

The woman recounted her experience, explaining that she was having breakfast at an old shop when the elderly man slowly approached, asking for money.

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“Feeling sympathetic, I took out my last two RM1 notes and handed them over.” She added.

Counting his earnings

To her surprise, half an hour later, the elderly man, having finished his round of soliciting, sat down and began counting his earnings.

Elderly man counting money

Her video captured the moment, showing the man with a thick wad of cash, leaving the woman who had just donated RM2 in utter shock.

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She described her astonishment, saying, “The amount of money in his hands was more than the cash I had on me. It was truly eye-opening.”

“We should continue to help others”

Despite the surprising revelation, the woman emphasized that she would not let this experience deter her from helping others.

“Today, my RM2 might have made this man wealthier, but it could also mean that many others like him won’t go hungry because of similar acts of kindness.”

She concluded with a heartfelt message, “When we choose to give out of compassion, we also receive blessings. I hope everyone’s kindness remains steadfast.”

Watch the original video here:

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