M’sian Gets Left Behind By Bus, Manages To Catch Up To It Thanks To Traffic Jam On Karak Highway

Luckily there was a traffic jam.
What would you do if you came out of a restroom at a rest stop and saw that your bus had left without you?

For one man, what started as a quick bathroom break turned into an urgent sprint down Karak Highway.

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His sprint down Karak Highway was caught on TikTok by @yuyuilover, and it quickly went viral, entertaining hundreds of thousands.

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On the sunny afternoon of April 13th, during the festive rush of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, this man in black found himself unexpectedly left behind.

With the bus just visible ahead, crawling through holiday traffic, he took off down the emergency lane.

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Thanks to the traffic jam

As he ran, puzzled drivers watched, until he caught up to his bus and hopped on.

@yuyuilover kena Tinggal Bas Ke Bang… 4Syawal 1445H #karak #ragamraya #balikkl #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral ♬ Ini Parah Ni – A Kiil Mustafa

The scene, now watched by over half a million people, turned from potential disaster to a hilarious spectacle of determination.

This video not only brought some laughs but also showed how, even in the worst traffic jams, some quick thinking and fast feet can save the day.

His ordeal also prompted an outpouring of empathy from viewers, with comments like “Poor guy!” and “Lucky there was a traffic jam.”

M'sian gets left behind by bus, manages to catch up to it thanks to traffic jam on karak highway | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok @yuyuilover


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