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M’sian Frog Joins Coldplay Concert For Free, Gets Better View With Help Of A Concertgoer

The frog living its best life! :')
So, Coldplay concerts are like a rollercoaster, right? You’ve got cute proposals, sketchy ticket scams, and then there’s this: a cheeky Malaysian frog crashing the “Higher Power” standing zone without even a proper ID. No kidding!

At the recent Coldplay concert last week, a Malaysian frog was seen casually hopped into the “Higher Power” standing zone at a Coldplay concert without even having ticket.

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But wait, there’s more! A kind-hearted Malaysian woman not only noticed the bold froggy but decided it deserved the VIP treatment as she lifted it up, giving it a front-row seat that would make any frog or even human jealous.

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Sharing this wild encounter through her Instagram, @joeysugar_j, Joey posted a few photos of her holding the green frog, and it seems to be having the moment of its life.

“Before letting it go, we shared a #Coldplay moment,  a once-in-a-lifetime thingy for me and him.” she wrote in the caption.

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Joey and green froggy encounter

Talking to WeirdKaya, Joey shared the special encounter with her uninvited amphibian companion.

She said that it felt surreal when she sensed something mysterious behind her while eagerly waiting for Coldplay to hit the stage.

Turning around, she discovered a frog that seemed to drop from the shadows and confirmed it was a frog after flashing the light.

In a quick move, she picked up the frog, realizing it could be in trouble in the bustling concert crowd as she mentioned, “I didn’t think much. If someone steps into it, sure die.”

Short but memorable

Joey mentioned that she could only keep the green frog with her for about 7-10 minutes because it kept slipping away a few times.

However, during those moments, both Joey and the frog were fortunate enough to witness the countdown—3, 2, 1—and Coldplay taking the stage with “Higher Power.”

Even though she struggled to keep the frog in place for a short time, Joey mentioned it was good for the frog, as it got to enjoy bits of the once-in-a-lifetime concert.

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Afterwards, she took it outside and showed the ‘abangs’ (concert crew members) the frog.

They guided her to a safe spot to release the frog, and with a shared thumbs-up, they bid farewell to the lucky green frog.

The special froggy bonding

Adding more, Joey shared that encountering this frog during the Coldplay concert was something truly special for her.

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The animal lover considered taking the frog home with her.

“Thinking of keeping it as my Pac-Man frog, since my frog passed away on November 9th, but there’s no way I can get another one for the next two hours.” she explained.

She had rescued a frog in September, but unfortunately, it recently passed away.

A frog that was rescued by joey
This is Joey’s frog that has recently passed away. Provided to WeirdKaya.

Joey is a pet enthusiast

Turns out, Joey’s the real deal when it comes to being an animal hero. She’s been rescuing and feeding street cats and dogs since college.

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“I always have cat and dog food in the car.” she said noting that this froggy encounter is just another chapter in her story of caring for animals.

This marks Joey’s truly unique and golden moment, a once-in-a-lifetime encounter during this unforgettable concert.


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