M’sian Expresses Disbelief Over Being Charged RM28 For Economy Rice

Not so economic.
With the price of goods soaring every now and then, what was once considered to be an ‘economic’ meal for most Malaysians is no longer the case anymore.

A netizen recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share how he was charged a whopping RM28 for a plate of economy rice. The irony.

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Charged RM28 for economy rice

In the tweet, @Cikgu_Anep posted a photo of his economy rice meal, which consisted of chicken, fish, rice, and a type of sambal with onions. The price for the meal was RM28.50 in total.

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“I guess the restaurant priced the pomfret at RM15, chicken at RM10, rice for RM2, and a spoonful of sambal for RM1.50.

“I’m not sure whether this is expensive or not. What do you think?” he wrote with a hint of sarcasm.

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His post was a response to a private message he had received from a follower, who complained about being charged RM24 for a meal of rice, fried squid, and a type of rendang.

In the comment section, a handful of netizens didn’t seem too surprised by the RM28 price tag, with many saying that food prices have been increasing exponentially.

One advised, ‘If you want a cheaper price, just take vegetables and no chicken, fish, or seafood. You can get your protein from tofu or tempeh.’

M'sian expresses disbelief over being charged rm28 for economy rice comment 1
Screenshot via X/@Cikgu_Anep

Another wrote: ‘As one who formerly worked at a food stall, pomfrets are quite expensive. At my stall, fried fish start from RM8 while pomfrets start from RM12. As for fried chicken, it begins from RM5 and it has been becoming more expensive. So I think the (RM28 price) is considered reasonable.’

M'sian expresses disbelief over being charged rm28 for economy rice comment 2
Screenshot via X/@Cikgu_Anep

Is the price too expensive?

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