38yo M’sian Engineer Works As Part-Time Cleaner, Says He’s Not Ashamed Of The Job

'There's nothing to be ashamed over honest work.'
For those who have high-paying jobs as lawyers, engineers, or doctors, most wouldn’t expect them to take up a second job that’s considered beneath them.

However, there are those who are willing to take up such jobs in order to pass time or simply earn extra income, just like this man did.

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M’sian engineer works as part-time cleaner

Speaking to Harian Metro, 38-year-old Raja Mohd Zulfadli Raja Abd Ghani, who’s an engineer by profession and the manager of an engineering team at a company, said that he has been working part-time as a cleaner for the past four years.

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Raja mohd zulfadli collecting cleaning items
Screenshot via YouTube/Harian Metro
“I started this part-time job in 2020 during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when I had to work from home. Since I had a lot of free time, a friend suggested that I offer cleaning services.

“I first offered small-scale services like house cleaning, car cushion cleaning, and mattress cleaning. However, I became more active and started commercial cleaning services last year,” he said.

Raja Mohd Zulfadli added that he carries out his cleaning job at night every Monday to Thursday after completing his engineer job. Occasionally, he would also offer cleaning services on the weekends if there’s any demand for it.

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“It’s not too tiring because I consider it like exercise since I used to be active in sports at night. For now, I work alone, and if I can’t do it, I will ask for help from neighbors who offer cleaning services.”

Raja mohd zulfadli cleaning the tv
Screenshot via YouTube/Harian Metro

‘Nothing to be ashamed of’

For Raja Mohd Zulfadli, he believes there is no reason for him to feel shameful over the fact that he works as a cleaner part-time, saying that it was “honest work” and that he has come to love it too.

“For cleaning the premises, I charge RM50 per hour, while for house cleaning, it depends on the size (of the house).

In my professional field, communication is limited within the company but by expanding the business, I get to meet many people from various backgrounds and see the differences in how they communicate.

Raja mohd zulfadli cleaning a house
Screenshot via YouTube/Harian Metro

“Besides that, I get to feel how hard it is to earn money when doing two jobs and better understand the work of cleaners as well as the societal prejudice they face,” he said.

Raja Mohd Zulfadli also added that no one has judged him or looked down on him for being a part-time cleaner despite not knowing that he’s an engineer.


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