M’sian Customer Who Owns A Mercedes Allegedly Tries To Dodge Paying RM15 Raw Chicken Bill

The vendor eventually gave in and let him buy the chicken for RM14.
Owning an expensive car often leads to the perception of greater respectability, yet it’s important to remember that appearances can sometimes be misleading.

A recent Facebook post by a vendor shed light on an unusual encounter with a customer. Despite driving a Mercedes, the customer allegedly struggled to cover the cost of raw chicken, which was RM15.

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M’sian customer who owns a Mercedes, fuss over RM15 raw chicken

In the post, Ridzuan shared the detailed argument in the caption between himself and the customer, who claimed to have already paid for the chicken ordered from the market.

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However, in opposition to this statement, Ridzuan clarified that he did not receive a single penny from the customer. The Mercedes owner then attempts to negotiate a discount on the already discounted chicken. A peculiar request, indeed.

A bold-faced lie

Raw chicken with price label on it
Photo via FB/@muhammadridzuan

You’ve placed an order for chicken, but as of now, there hasn’t been any payment made. Not even a penny. I bought it for RM20, and I’m extending a charge of only RM15 to you.

Undeterred by the request, the vendor holds his ground, underscoring the financial reality of the transaction.

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“I gave in”

Preferring not to prolong the argument, Ridzuan accepted his offer of RM14, which was RM1 less than the agreed price.

That situation was just unbelievable. Here’s this guy driving a Mercedes, yet he’s arguing over a simple purchas . It’s just not something you expect to encounter,” the vendor remarked.

Wet market with a butcher
Photo via Canva

Reflecting on the encounter, the vendor added, “I might have understood if the customer was facing financial difficulties, but seeing him arrive in a luxury car and still make a fuss over such a small amount? It just didn’t make sense to me.”

This story is a reminder that in business, being honest and maintaining integrity are crucial, no matter one’s choice of wheels!


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