M’sian Content Creator Suffers Cut On Her Head After Going Down Slide At Changi Airport

Even as adults, we would give in to moments of brief fun just to feel young again and reminisce on the things that brought us joy. However, sometimes accidents can also happen along the way too.

A Malaysian content creator was left bleeding after she bumped her head while taking a ride down a slide located within the Changi Airport. Thankfully, she was quickly attended to by helpful airline crew.

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Koay har shows her wound
Screenshot via Instagram/@koeyharhar

Head bled after ride down slide at Changi Airport

In an Instagram reel posted by Koey Har, she documented the entire incident which led up to her injuring her head.

Prior to getting injured, Koey Har filmed herself having some fun while going down the slide which was placed at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

At one point of the ride, the left side of her sandal flew off due to the impact and a loud bump could be heard as well.
Koay har hits her head on slide at changi airport
Screenshot via Instagram/@koeyharhar

The video then jumps to Koey Har grimacing in pain while showing viewers a cut she sustained on her head.

However, she didn’t have time to visit the clinic and could only swing by the pharmacy to get medicine for her wound before boarding her flight.

Had wound treated by airline crew

Before the plane took off, an air stewardess contacted the manager and informed him that Koey Har had injured herself while riding the slide, causing the content creator to burst out laughing.

Not long after, the air stewardess applied saline and antiseptic solution to Koey Har’s wound while apologising profusely for causing any pain the latter might experience.

Flight attendant treats koay har's wound
Screenshot via Instagram/@koeyharhar

At the end of the clip, Koey Har told viewers that the lesson she learnt that while it’s absolutely okay to have fun, one has to be mindful of their safety too.

Changi Airport apologises for incident

When contacted by AsiaOne, Changi Airport Group expressed regret over Koey Har’s experience and wished her a speedy recovery.

Passengers are urged to read and closely follow the safety guidelines placed at the entrance of the slide, which include instructions on how to position themselves, to avoid bringing loose items and to wear covered shoes.

“They can call the emergency contact numbers listed at the slide if they require assistance,” it said.

Watch the clip here:

Always be sure to read the instructions before taking a ride down a slide!


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