M’sian Claims It’s Possible To Earn RM6K A Month By Cutting Grass

For real?
Whenever one thinks of high-paying jobs, it’s usually linked with an image of a person sitting at a comfy office with the latest amenities while working busily away on the laptop.

However, not many would ever imagine that a four-figure income is possible by being a grass cutter as it’s considered to be a lowly and labour-intensive job.

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What? Earn RM6K a month by cutting grass?

According to an article by a columnist named ‘Merak Jalanan’ on Sinar Harian, he wrote that he came across a post on social media about a grass cutter who earned RM6,000 a month.

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A grass cutter at work
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

He added that the figure left some wondering whether it was realistic or possible in the first place. But according to his calculations, ‘Merak Jalanan’ believed that it was viable.

Assuming that the standard rate is RM100 per area and the grass cutter works at three houses per day, he has already earned RM300. If he works for a total of 20 days, his total earnings is already RM6,000.

“However, some might argue that it’s not easy to find three houses in a day as there might be days where where no houses need grass trimming. While that can’t be denied, can you imagine how much the grass cutter can earn if he has 60 loyal clients?”

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‘Don’t look down on such jobs’

In the article, ‘Merak Jalanan’ reiterated that the aim of him sharing the grass cutter’s earnings was to advise Malaysians not to look down on jobs largely deemed to be undesirable.

Man cutting grass
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva
“Barbers, tailors, plumbers, construction workers, and many others have all been pioneered by foreigners and their wages are higher compared to executives at private companies.

“Ironically, our youths still complain about wanting high salaries but are unwilling to work harder. I hope this post will also motivate the unemployed who often complain about the lack of job opportunities,” he wrote.

Do you agree with ‘Merak Jalanan’s statement? Let us know in the comments!


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