M’sian Claims He Found Tissue Inside His Food At Hospital Cafeteria

The staff even insisted the tissue was actually uncooked chicken.

Hospitals are full of signs telling us how to keep clean and stay healthy, right? You’d think that with all the posters on the walls about hygiene and health, nothing could go wrong with a simple meal here.

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But guess what?

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A visitor to a hospital in Negeri Sembilan claimed that he found a tissue in his meal yesterday and took to TikTok under the username @raagesh_0206 to share his experience.

While visiting the hospital with his mother to care for his admitted grandmother, Raagesh decided to grab a bite.

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However, his expectations were quickly dashed when he encountered something entirely unexpected in his dish—a tissue.

In the video, Raagesh expressed his disbelief. “It is said that it is a healthy cafeteria, but I got a tissue in my dish,” he remarked, highlighting the irony of the situation.

His intent was to enjoy a simple meal, particularly looking forward to the butter milk chicken, a decision based on the usual practice of tasting a small piece before fully diving into the meal.

However, this time, his anticipation turned to astonishment when, instead of chicken, he found herself probing a piece of tissue.

M'sian claims he found tissue inside his food at hospital cafeteria | weirdkaya
Screenshot from TikTok/ raagesh_0206

Upon bringing this to the attention of the cafeteria staff, he was met with a surprising response.

The staff said that the tissue was actually uncooked chicken, a claim that Raagesh found hard to accept.

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When I showed the plate to the cashier without explaining, he mistakenly thought the chicken was raw and shouted at his coworkers. After I clarified it was just a tissue, he apologized and refunded the money.

Eventually, the cafeteria staff acknowledged the mistake, apologized, and offered Raagesh a refund for the meal.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, he mentioned that right from the start, the food didn’t look appealing: the colors were dull, the fried chicken appeared dry, and the food was left open without proper covers.

The dish costed him RM9.60.

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Yet, the incident left a lasting impression on him, prompting concerns over the quality and safety of food being served, particularly in a healthcare setting where expectations for health and hygiene are understandably high.


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