M’sian Chinese Women Gather To Buka Puasa At Putrajaya Square & It’s Super Wholesome

Very wholesome.
Malaysia embodies the spirit of celebrating and respecting each other’s cultures, making it a truly diverse and vibrant nation. With its multitude of races, Malaysia is blessed with exceptional people and a rich cultural tapestry.

What’s even more heartwarming is witnessing people come together to enjoy and respect celebrations, regardless of racial differences.

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Chinese woman ready to break fast at putrajaya square
Screenshot via TikTok/@maviswfitness

M’sian Chinese women break fast at Putrajaya Square

A recent video uploaded on TikTok by fitness influencer @maviswfitness has captured the attention of netizens for its wholesome content, where it garnered over 750,000 views within just two days.

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In the video, Mavis, along with fellow content creator @allison_phuise, is seen mingling with a large crowd at Putrajaya Square who were preparing to break their fast.

Malay man offers free drinks to two chinese woman
Screenshot via TikTok/@maviswfitness

Mavis was even offered a free drink by a Malay man, a gesture which left her deeply touched.

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In the caption she wrote: Ini barulah satu Malaysia (This is truly 1Malaysia).

Two chinese woman cheers drinks at putrajaya square
Screenshot via TikTok/@maviswfitness

Despite being among the few non-Muslims in attendance, Mavis and Allison were warmly welcomed and treated like they were part of the big family.

When the time came for them to break fast, both Mavis and Allison were seen raising their hands in prayer along with the Muslim attendees.

Two chinese women pray alone with other muslims at putrajaya square
Screenshot via TikTok/@maviswfitness

Netizens find clip heartwarming

In the comment section, netizens were touched to see the content creators taking the initiative to join the Muslim community in breaking fast and praised their wholesome content.

‘This is the type of harmony that is very precious and we need to do all we can to maintain it. It’s a give and take from everyone.’

M'sian chinese women gather to buka puasa at putrajaya square & it's too cute comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@maviswfitness

‘Pretending to pray while breaking fast is cuteness overload.’

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M'sian chinese women gather to buka puasa at putrajaya square & it's too cute comment 3
Screenshot via TikTok/@maviswfitness

Watch the video here:

@maviswfitness Ni baru la satu Malaysia🥹🫰🏻 #SukanDiTikTok #KongsiBersama #KongsiPOV @allison_phuise ♬ Marhaban Ya Ramadan – TonsTone


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