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M’sian Man’s Car Vanishes After Leaving It At Valet Parking For Just 30 Mins At KL Shopping Mall

Keys still there but car went missing.
Valet parking is often perceived as a more convenient and safer option for car owners, providing a hassle-free experience and added security in exchange for a higher fee.
However, a recent incident has cast doubt on this belief.

A man in his 20s experienced a distressing ordeal when his car went missing after leaving it with the valet service at Suria KLCC for just 30 minutes.

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The car owner, Zach, took to Facebook to recount this unsettling experience, expressing his frustration and warning others about using the facility.

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I parked my car here and it went missing. They told me they locked the car and turned off the engine. Then what? How did the car disappear? Can I ask?” he wrote in his post.

Car missing in klcc valet parking
Photo via FB/ Zach Khai Shin
Speaking to WeirdKaya, Zach said he had borrowed his friend’s white Honda HRV to the mall for a quick shopping trip.

He decided to use the valet service to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot. After handing over the keys to the valet staff, he went inside for only 30 minutes.

When he returned, the valet staff informed him that the keys were still with them, but the car was missing.

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Car missing in klcc valet parking car keys
Photo via FB/ Zach Khai Shin

I was so shocked to hear what happened, and immediately called the police,” he added. “The two valet attendants involved did not have their identification cards on them at the time of the incident.

In his post, he mentioned that a GPS tracker shows his car appearing in the Subang area. However, authorities have been notified, and an investigation is underway.

The distraught owner mentioned additional details: “The police are investigating the matter, and further updates will be provided.”

Based on our inspection, the mall issued a statement on their Facebook and IG story earlier today (7 Jul) as a response to the incident, emphasising they have cooperated with the police in the investigation.

M'sian man’s car vanishes after leaving it at valet parking for just 30 mins at kl shopping mall | weirdkaya
SS via IG/ suriaklccmall

This incident has sparked concerns about the security and reliability of valet services in the city, especially in prominent locations like Kuala Lumpur.


***Special thanks to Zach for sharing his story with us.

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