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M’sian BF Braves Heat & Crowd At TRX Just To Capture 20-Second Cha Eun-woo Clip For Girlfriend

Talk about boyfriend goals!

In a recent buzz at TRX, Malaysia, where K-pop star Cha Eun-woo showed up for a Skechers store event, the crowd went wild, and the online chatter has been just as intense.

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One guy, in particular, shared his experience of waiting for hours just to snap a short video for his girlfriend – talk about boyfriend goals!

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The boyfriend who had endured the heat and the hour-long wait, all to capture a fleeting 20-second glimpse of the star for his girlfriend.

His caption, a mix of humor and slight exasperation, was relatable to many: “Waited an hour just to help my girlfriend film this 20-second clip, I’m dead from the heat. The fans beside me was insanely enthusiastic, and the crowd at the stage on the first floor was just as wild.”

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M'sian bf braves heat & crowd at trx just to capture 20-second cha eun-woo clip for girlfriend | weirdkaya
Screenshot via RED

Speaking to WeirdKaya, he explained that his girlfriend requested him to film the event for her because, amidst the sea of fans, she found herself too short to catch a glimpse over the taller crowd.

He mentioned that he arrived an hour early, yet the crowd was already intense. With his efforts to push through to the front, only he managed to secure a decent spot.

He also described the crowd as being incredibly intense, particularly around the middle stage where throngs of people were almost frenzied, all scrambling and rushing to get closer to him.

Asking if his girlfriend is a big fan of Cha Eun-woo, he said she is not really a big fan, but a super fan for EXO.


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