M’sian Athlete Completes Australia Triathlon 24 Seconds Ahead Of Finish Time

He is a true Ultraman!
In a historic achievement, a Malaysian athlete has become the first from the nation to complete the Ultraman Australia triathlon, finishing with just 24 seconds remaining before the cutoff time on the final day of the competition.

The event, held over three days, included a 10-kilometer swim, a 421-kilometer bike ride, and an 84.3-kilometer run. Known for its rigorous demands, the Ultraman Australia triathlon is a supreme test of endurance, attracting elite athletes from around the world.

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Malaysian first finisher

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Ultraman Kannan share his journey in the Australia Triathlon.

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He reflected on his rigorous training, stating that it was the most intense preparation he had ever undergone in his 20+ years of triathlon experience.

Kannan approaching finish line
Image via FB/Ultraman Kannan

“I trained so much harder than any of my 20+ years of Triathlon and yet… I was still chasing the COT everyday, it broke me, disheartened, melted… I wanted to have fun, dance to Black Pink on the run, dance on the bike but alas… no smiles were seen till the final day after finish,” Kannan shared.

The final day of the event was particularly emotional for Kannan. He initially considered not starting the run and even contemplated quitting at the 10-kilometer mark.

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On the third day, Kannan initially wanted to give up and skip the race altogether.

However, he decided to start the 84.3-kilometer run with the plan to quit at the 10-kilometer mark. He confided in Shane Kent, who advised him to reconsider his decision only after reaching the 42.2-kilometer mark. The rest, as they say, is history.

“It was the most exhilarating and terrifying moment during the last 3 kilometers, especially the final 400 meters… for once, the tables turned as the #UltraEmcee was the one being counted down,” he wrote.

Kannan crossing the finishing line
Image via FB/Ultraman Kannan

Expressing gratitude

Kannan expressed deep gratitude to the people of Noosa, his Dream Team, the event crews, and fellow athletes.

He also express his gratitude to the support from the crowd in Noosa was overwhelming, with shouts, screams, and roars encouraging him to the finish line.

Kannan credited his crew members Reita and Wash, as well as his film crew Elaine Lo and Afif from ArenaMalaysia Asia, for their unwavering support.

“Elaine and Afif were extremely dedicated and I was fascinated by the amazing stories on FB/IG (it is saved as highlights on my IG)… the full documentary will be up soon… stay tuned,” he shared.

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