M’sian 1st Class Degree Holder Works As Restaurant Helper After Failing To Get A Job

"I'm not ashamed," says the 25yo graduate.
Securing a job nowadays is like a challenging maze, where success depends not just on qualifications but also on staying determined amidst fierce competition.

Recently, a story of a young woman touched many hearts. Despite receiving a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Financial Studies and even the Vice Chancellor’s Award, a 25-year-old woman finds herself working as an assistant in a restaurant after facing difficulty securing a job.

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The graduate from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) sometimes even takes on the task of washing dishes too at her brother’s restaurant.

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Woman washing dishes
Photo via Harian Metro

According to Harian Metro, Zuraini Zulkornain finished her studies in June last year and has been actively searching for a job that matches her qualifications, but has faced setbacks.

After completing an internship at an agency and participating in a six-month ‘protege’ course, Zuraini found herself unable to secure a position due to a lack of available vacancies at the time. This led her to choose to return to her hometown and begin working at her brother’s restaurant.

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“I do tasks like washing dishes, making drinks, taking orders, and cleaning tables,” she said, noting that she’s not ashamed of the work she is doing despite having an educational background, as it is halal.

Keep going on no matter what

Zuraini admitted that she sometimes received questions from people around her, especially those who knew about her university education. She mentioned that some of the comments she heard could be hurtful.

Woman receiving scroll at graduation event
Photo via Harian Metro

“Some compare my educated self earning RM30 a day to someone who only finished primary school but earns tens of thousands a month. But I just stay silent even though it hurts a lot,” she said.

Zuraini mentioned that she’s been applying to different companies, including those in Kuala Lumpur, and attending interviews, but hasn’t had any success yet. Despite this, she keeps pushing forward because she believes her time will come one day.

“While waiting for other opportunities, I work at my brother’s restaurant. Even though the pay isn’t great or equivalent to my qualifications, I’m still grateful. My family and friends always support me,” the young woman said.

Even though her friends have begun their careers, she holds no regrets for pursuing her university education, recognising the priceless value of knowledge.

“If we talk about disappointment, I am the most disappointed, but our fate is determined by Allah. I believe that my efforts to find a job will eventually pay off at the right time,” she expressed her determination to stay strong and keep searching for a job, even when faced with challenges.

Zuraini’s story reminds us not to judge people solely based on their careers or education. Each person’s journey to success is different, and opportunities come at their own pace. To those going through similar challenges, keep pushing forward and stay hopeful.

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