M’sia Ranks 2nd Least Angry At Workplace In Southeast Asia, S’pore The Least

How often do you feel angry at work?
Malaysia ranked 8th in Daily Anger level out of 9 Southeast Asian countries, with only 16% of respondents reporting feeling anger at the workplace.

According to a ranking published by Seasia Stats, Malaysia has one of the lowest levels of daily anger in comparison with other Southeast Asia countries.

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The stress level rankings reveal that the Philippines leads with the highest percentage of respondents reporting stress, at 45%. Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia follow closely, each with a significant portion of their populations feeling stressed, at 39%.

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Singaporeans have less anger at the workplace?

Surprisingly, Singapore, often associated with a high-stress and competitive environment, ranks lower than Malaysia, with only 15% of its population reporting feelings of anger, placing it at the ninth spot on the list.

Singapore’s position as having the lowest daily anger in the region might come as a surprise to many, challenging the stereotypical view of the city-state’s high-pressure lifestyle.

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Survey with 1,000 respondents

The survey was conducted by Gallup, which surveyed 1,000 individuals in each country, with adjustments for larger nations or areas of particular interest, to track changes in regional and global emotional states.

Although the report includes data from all countries in the regional and global summaries, it excludes country-level data for nations with fewer than 300 responses over a three-year period.

The survey inquired of participants, “Did you experience the following feelings A LOT OF THE DAY yesterday? How about anger?”, and the result is based on the percentage of respondents that said YES.

Malaysia has a lower stress level

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It is noteworthy, however, that while Malaysia enjoys a higher ranking in daily anger, it reports a relatively lower stress level compared to Singapore.

According to stress level data from the same survey, Malaysia is positioned eighth, with 25% of its populace feeling stressed. In contrast, Singapore has a higher percentage of its population reporting stress, at 38%, ranking it fifth among the surveyed Southeast Asian countries.

This contrast highlights a complex relationship between stress and daily anger, suggesting that lower stress levels do not necessarily correlate with lower anger levels on a day-to-day basis.

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