M’sia Ranked 39th In The World For Effective Governance, Study Finds

This was a drop of 5 spots from its 2023 showing.
Having an effective government leads to a host of benefits for citizens such as a higher standard of living, less bureaucracy, and more job opportunities and foreign investments.

A study recently carried out by a non-profit organisation found that Malaysia had a 39th placing out of 113 countries surveyed when it comes to government effectiveness.

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M’sia ranked 39th in the world for effective governance

According to the 2024 Chandler Good Government Index released by the Chandler Institute of Governance (CGGI), Malaysia was ranked 39th out of 113 countries, a placing which was five spots lower than last year’s.

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Putrajaya building
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Each country’s ranking is based on its performance across seven pillars, namely leadership & foresight, robust laws and policies, strong institutions, financial stewardship, attractive marketplace, global influence & reputation, and helping people rise.

Here was how Malaysia fared across these pillars:

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  • Leadership & foresight (0.49 marks)
  • Robust laws & policies (0.57 marks)
  • Strong institutions (0.48 marks)
  • Financial stewardship (0.64 marks)
  • Attractive marketplace (0.68 marks)
  • Global influence & reputation (0.64 marks)
  • Helping people rise (0.62 marks)

With these scores, Malaysia was ranked 21st in financial governance and 31st in market attractiveness globally.

Night view of klcc
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Singapore tops the list

Unsurprisingly, Singapore came up on top, where it retained its first placing for the second consecutive year and even beat countries such as Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Norway.

This was thanks to its strong showing in the leadership and foresight (0.86 marks), strong institutions (0.82 marks) and attractive marketplace (0.95 marks) pillars.

However, its performance for financial stewardship dropped to second place by achieving a score of 0.92.

Singapore merlion
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You can check out the full listing here.

Do you agree with Malaysia’s ranking in the 2024 Chandler Good Government Index? Share with us in the comments!

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