UK Man Says M’sia Isn’t Malaysian After Buying Ramly Burger Made By Bangladeshi

Cap or no cap?
The Ramly burger is one of the most iconic and recognisable food available in the country thanks to its proud history of being a dish that’s 100% produced and made by Malaysians.

However, that may no longer be the case due to the constant influx of foreign workers into the country, who are now manning and operating stalls that sell Ramly burger.

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UK tourist tries Ramly burger in KL

In a YouTube clip shared by a UK tourist named Abzventure, it showed him going on a food hunt at the busy streets of KL, where he eventually came across a Ramly burger stall at Jalan Alor.

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Ramly burger stall run by bangladeshis in kl
Screenshot via YouTube/Abzventure

However, instead of seeing a group of Malaysian staff, he was met by Bangladeshis, who were running the stall.

In the video caption, Abzventure wrote:

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“Is this the best burger in the world? Join me as I explore the vibrant Jalan Alor street food market in Kuala Lumpur and try the famous Ramly burger for the very first time!”

“This Malaysian street food staple is known for its unique preparation and delicious taste. Watch as I dive into the layers of this iconic burger, share my thoughts and chat with the locals about what makes the Ramly burger a must-try in KL.”

Uk man eats ramly burger
Screenshot via YouTube/Abzventure

‘M’sia isn’t Malaysian anymore’

After exchanging pleasantries with one of the Bangladeshi staff, Abzventure ordered a special double beef cheese burger and watched the Bangladeshi man prepare it.

However, there’s a catch – apparently he said something that would ruffle the feathers of Malaysians but was edited out from the YouTube clip.

In the edited-out part which eventually fell into the hands of netizens, Abzventure made a comment about Malaysia losing its local identity, with the Ramly burger being one such example:

Malaysia is not Malaysian anymore. It’s Bangladesh, trust me.

Uk man says m'sia not malaysian anymore
Screenshot via X/@Vandeeta3

Needless to say, the netizen who shared the edited-out clip was disheartened by Abzventure’s comments, writing:

“Words that I find the most heartbreaking to hear, ‘Malaysia is not Malaysian anymore, it’s Bangladesh‘, this Bangladeshi influencer said. Which area is this? What do you guys feel about this? Where is the enforcement?”

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However, it must be noted that it’s not confirmed whether Abzventure is Bangladeshi or not.

Watch the clip here:

Do you think the tourist was accurate in saying Malaysia ‘isn’t Malaysian’ anymore? Share with us in the comments!

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