M’sia Beats S’pore & Thailand To Become Asia’s Most Loved Country

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Malaysia, a country known for its diverse mix of cultures and religions, is a great example of unity and friendliness.

Even though Malaysians come from all sorts of backgrounds, they all share a spirit of helping each other and being warm and welcoming. This blend of diversity and togetherness makes living in Malaysia a truly special experience.

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Malaysia is the most loved country in Asia

Malaysia ranked 1st, in most loved country in asia
Photo via Fb/ASEAN Skyline

According to Insider Monkey, a financial website based in New York, USA, Malaysia has been recognised as the most beloved country in Asia. Among the 20 countries listed, Malaysia secured the top spot, outshining several other nations such as:

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  • Singapore (3rd place)
  • Thailand (11th place)
  • Indonesia (12th place)

This esteemed ranking was derived from references to five articles published on the portal in 2023. These articles include:

  • 5 Most Respected Countries in Asia
  • 15 Friendliest Countries in Asia
  • 20 Most Visited Countries in Asia
  • 20 Most Diverse Countries in Asia
  • 20 Most Democratic Countries in Asia

Fifth most visited country in Asia too!

Kuala lumpur city
Photo via Canva

Insider Monkey awarded Malaysia the top position after evaluating its consistent high rankings across various metrics, culminating in an overall score of 0.701. Taiwan, the runner-up, scored 0.595.

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“Malaysia is the most loved country in Asia as it ranks high on all metrics considered in our research. It is the sixth most democratic country on the continent. Moreover, it is the fifth most visited country in Asia, welcoming over 10 million travellers in 2022,” stated Insider Monkey.

‘Enriched by hospital and friendly locals’

The allure of Malaysia extends beyond its modern urban landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. It is a preferred destination for tourists eager to immerse themselves in the diverse cultures of its local communities. Malaysia’s hospitality and friendliness enhance this cultural exploration, making it a memorable experience for visitors.

“People head to the Southeast Asian country to not just experience its stunning beaches and posh city life, but also explore the local culture and tradition, which is enriched by hospitable and friendly locals,” noted Insider Monkey.

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