M’sia At 4th Spot For Highest Average Salary In Southeast Asia, Lags Behind SG & Thailand

As usual, Singapore was at the #1 spot.
In recent years, Malaysians have been complaining that their monthly salary isn’t enough to cover for their daily expenses due to stagnating wages and rising cost of living. And we couldn’t agree more!

However, a recent study has revealed that Malaysians may not be as worse off as they believe when it comes to average salary across the whole of Southeast Asia.

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M’sia at 4th spot for highest average salary in Southeast Asia

According to an article by Tempo, it cited a study carried out by Time Champ, which found that Malaysia has the 4th highest average salary in the whole of Southeast Asia for 2024.

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Based on the study, it found that the average salary in Malaysia was RM6,160 and that the country “offers attractive job opportunities in various sectors for its residents, thereby increasing overall income levels”.

Unsurprisingly, Singapore took the #1 spot with an average salary of S$8,480 (approx. RM29,700), a figure that is much higher than the global average of $6,332 (approx. RM30,000).

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As for the second and third placing, it was taken by Thailand and Brunei, where the average salary was THB97,300 (approx. RM 12,500) and BND3,230 (approx. RM11,300) respectively.

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Here’s the full ranking of the 11 countries named in the study:

  1. Singapore 
  2. Thailand 
  3. Brunei 
  4. Malaysia
  5. Philippines
  6. Indonesia
  7. Vietnam
  8. Laos
  9. Cambodia
  10. Myanmar
  11. Timor Leste

Do you think this ranking accurately reflects Malaysia’s position? Share with us in the comments!

Recently, UNICEF urged that the minimum salary of RM1,500 be raised to RM2,102, arguing that the current figure isn’t sufficient:

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