Study: M’sia 2nd Worst Out Of 60 Countries For Work-Life Balance

All hustle and no rest.
Malaysians are generally known to be hard workers, but oftentimes most of us aren’t aware that we are pushing ourselves way beyond our limits until our bodies give up on us entirely.

A recent study recently revealed that Malaysians are working way harder than they should and have little to no time to rest and recharge from a long, stressful day at work.

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M’sia 2nd worst out of 60 countries for work-life balance

The shocking results were based on a study carried out by Remote, a human resource company which specialises in connecting employers with international talents, and analysed data collected in March 2023 for the said study.

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According to the study, the rankings were made based upon nine factors:

  • Number of statutory annual leave days
  • Minimum statutory sick pay
  • Number of statutory maternity leave days
  • Percentage of the wage for statutory maternity leave
  • Minimum wage
  • Healthcare
  • Happiness index
  • Average weekly working hours
  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity

The company also added that the study aims to “represent each country’s life-work balance accurately, reimagining the popular phrase ‘work-life balance’ to showcase how businesses in each country are looking to put life before work.”

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In the study, Malaysia was ranked 59 out of 60 countries, achieving a score of 27.51 marks out of 100 and recording an average workweek of 40.8 hours along with a minimum wage of USD1.07 (about RM5.04) per hour.

Malaysia also shared the unwanted title of being the most overworked country alongside Mexico and Nigeria.

Employees in Mexico, Malaysia, and Nigeria are the most overworked, each clocking up over 40 hours on average each week, including full- and part-time workers,” stated the report.

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Meanwhile, countries which dominated the top five spots on the list were New Zealand, Spain, France, Australia, and Denmark, while the top three Asians countries featured on the list were Taiwan (16th place), Singapore (19th place), and South Korea (32nd place).

Do you agree with the study’s findings? Share with us in the comments!


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