Several M’sians Forced To Replace Fast After Mosque Sounds Azan Prayer 4 Mins Early

The mosque's management apologised for the error.
In Malaysia, Muslims are required to fast from dawn till dusk throughout the Ramadan month and can only break fast once the azan (Muslim call to prayer) is sounded.

A mosque in Kajang, Selangor, recently apologised to congregants for issuing the evening azan prayer ahead of schedule due to a technical problem, leading to the fast being considered void for some Malaysians.

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Kajang mosque sounds azan prayer 4 mins early

According to The Rakyat Post, the incident took place at the Prima Saujana Mosque last Saturday (Mar 30).

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Unfortunately, a technical glitch caused the azan prayer to be sounded four minutes earlier, meaning that those who relied on it to break fast did so prematurely.

Following the incident, the mosque’s nazir (overseer) Mohamad Asri Harun issued an apology on the mosque management’s behalf to affected congregants.

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Fast needed to be replaced

Additionally, Mohamad Asri said that those who depended on the erroneous azan prayer to break fast will have to replace it as it was considered to be void due to the mistiming.

Congregants who depend solely on the Maghrib call to prayer from the Prima Saujana Kajang Mosque to break their fast on the day in question, their fast is void and needs to be replaced or remedied,” he said.

NST later reported that the matter has been referred to the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) for further action.

According to a poster shared by the mosque, it is a fairly new structure, where it was officially opened to the public on Mar 28.


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