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Minister Urges M’sians To Exercise Moderation In Boycotting Foreign Brands

Avoid taking "excessive and extreme" actions that could disrupt national unity.
Religious Affairs Minister Na’im Mokhtar has called for moderation among those boycotting brands associated with Israel, urging them to avoid “excessive and extreme” actions that could disrupt national unity, according to Free Malaysia Today.

The minister’s comments follow a spate of negative interactions on social media targeting customers of popular fast-food outlets such as McDonald’s and KFC, where individuals have faced insults and threats.

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In a recent incident in Kuantan, Pahang, a family was harassed at a McDonald’s, culminating in threats of physical violence.

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Authorities have since detained five individuals linked to the confrontation.

Moreover, a Starbucks in Tawau, Sabah, was vandalized this morning, with activists spray-painting messages like “free Palestine” and “boycott” on its exterior.

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Minister Na’im condemned the inhumane treatment of Palestinians but stressed that Malaysian support for the Palestinian cause should remain ethical and not undermine the country’s social fabric.

He advised the public to seek guidance from state Islamic authorities on these matters, ensuring actions are in line with Islamic teachings and contribute to societal harmony.


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