‘Melaka’ Achieves Millions In Searches On China’s WeChat After Fan BingBing Was Made Tourism Ambassador

Celebrity power.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was recently appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for Melaka Tourism Year, leading to a significant surge in searches related to “Melaka” on WeChat.

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Searches for Melaka spikes

According to data shared by Fan Bingbing’s agent, Jersey Chong, on Facebook, the searches for “Fan Bingbing” and “Melaka” on WeChat saw a remarkable increase on June 14 and 15.

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On June 14, the search volume for “Fan Bingbing” on WeChat reached 334,883,965, while “Melaka” garnered 165,082,653 searches.

Search result stat for melaka
Image via FB/Jersey Chong

The following day, June 15, searches for “Fan Bingbing” soared to 461,138,243, with “Melaka” receiving 161,972,679 searches.

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Additionally, data from June 14 showed a 331.65% daily increase in searches for “Fan Bingbing” and an astonishing 14,838.04% increase for “Melaka.”

Search statistic
Image via FB/Jersey Chong

The appointment of Fan Bingbing as the Goodwill Ambassador has evidently sparked a tremendous interest in Melaka among Chinese netizens, showcasing her influential status and the potential impact on promoting tourism in Melaka.

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