Man tearfully begs robbers to return his gold chain and even offers RM500 as ‘compensation’

His sympathy is impressive.

RAWANG – A motor hardware shop owner took to Facebook to beg netizens’ help make a video of him begging a Grab rider to return his gold chain viral on social media.

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In the video, the victim said that the gold chain was given to him by his sister and meant a lot to him.

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Unfortunately, it was snatched by two men on a motorbike at 11 am last Saturday (August 14), with one of them carrying the delivery bag of a well-known company.

They fled on their motorcycle with lightning speed. I couldn’t keep up with them and cried alone in my shop.”

However, he declined to mention the robbers’ race as he believed everyone is “Anak Malaysia”.

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He even went as far to express sympathy for the robbers, saying that they may have resorted to crime due to financial pressures.

They might be facing financial difficulties, so I can’t blame them.

If you have financial difficulties in the family, I will give you RM 500 as compensation. Just give me back the gold chain.

He also promised not to release CCTV footage of the incident and pleaded with the robbers to leave their life of crime.

Whatever situation you are in, don’t rob. I’ve seen many delivery riders committing such crimes.”

His calmness and sympathy impressed netizens, who praised him for keeping his composure and urged the robbers to return the gold chain to him.

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Cover Images via Facebook/ Ehailing.fm

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