Man swears and hits neighbour’s gate with metal rod over a parking spot

You need to calm down.

Parking in residential areas has always been an issue in densely populated neighbourhoods, sometimes resulting in verbal and even physical fights among residents.

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A 4-minute video showing a half-naked man holding a metal rod shouting angrily at a woman, believed to be the man’s neighbour, has gone viral on Facebook yesterday (April 8).

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It was later revealed that the neighbours were quarrelling over a parking space.

The video starts with the man shouting profanities at the woman who was standing inside her house gate. However, she refused to yield any ground while recording the incident.

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Man swears and hits neighbour's gate with metal rod over a parking spot
(Screenshot from Facebook/John Paul Giam)

To make things worse, he begins hitting the woman’s gate with a metal rod in an attempt to frighten her.

Based on the heated conversation, the man was enraged because the woman had parked her car at a spot where he usually placed a dustbin to “book” it.

However, the woman claimed that the spot belonged to her and that the dustbin was an eyesore.

You can watch the full video here:

Cover images from video by Facebook/John Paul Giam

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Source: Facebook/John Paul Giam
Editor: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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