Man spotted with electric unicycle on the highway, raises concerns over road safety

Hello, your grandfather road ah?

PETALING JAYA- With interstate travel permitted by the government on Monday, cars and congestions are an expected sight.

However, an unexpected sight was seen on the highway. A man riding an Electric Unicycle (EUC) received enormous attention from the public recently.

A netizen that witness this odd sight took pictures and shared it on Facebook.

Highway or circus?

It was so dangerous! This is a highway bro… not a park. Don’t do such things that will put other road users in danger.

Based on the photos that circulated social media, netizens speculate that the incident occurred on the Grand Saga Highway.

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Putting road users in risk

Despite wearing a helmet, elbow and knee protectors, netizens expressed their concern for the man’s safety.

One netizen commented that the man mistook Malaysia for the United States.

Some others think that the reason behind the man’s action was to show off his electric unicycle.

Man spotted on electric unicycles on the highway, netizens concern over road safety
Screenshot via Facebook/ muhamad.syahidan

Though there have been complaints over hazardous cycling activity on the highway, this electric cycle is something new.

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Screenshot via Facebook/ muhamad.syahidan

What other strange road behaviours have you witness? Let us know in the comments section!

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