Man napping in Oklahoma river mistaken for a dead body

How to (not) cool off on a hot day

TULSA – On a hot summer day in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the local fire department received a report about sightings of a dead body floating in Arkansas river which they then dispatched a team to retrieve it.

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A video uploaded by Fox11 Los Angeles showed three rescuers approaching the body, with one of them checking for a pulse. However, they got a shock of their lives when the body suddenly sat up and said hello. Yikes!

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The Tulsa Fire Department later announced on their official Facebook page that the man was merely cooling off by napping in a shallow part of the river.

They also advised the public to avoid taking naps in rivers for their own safety.

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The river is low, but is still potentially dangerous in areas. Please stay safe and find alternate ways to stay cool!

Cover Images via Tulsa Fire Department

Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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