Mamak staff rescues woman who was tackled to the ground by her husband

Real men don't lay hands on women.

KUCHING – A video showing a man wrestling a woman to the ground at a mamak restaurant before the staff came to her rescue has surfaced online.

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According to the OP on Instagram, the incident had occurred at Pending, Kuching on Wednesday (Oct 6).

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A man was tackling his wife to the ground in a mamak restaurant, pushing tables astray.

An unlikely hero to the rescue

In the video, the man grabbed the woman’s shirt and tackled her to the ground before landing a few punches.

Thankfully, one staff member intervened by pushing the man off and gave two swift kicks to his torso.

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As the man tried fending the staff member, he soon found himself outnumbered as more people got involved and was forcefully pushed out of the restaurant.

Other diners at the restaurant further assisted the staff and hauled the man outside of the store.

The man was later nabbed by police at 6pm after receiving a report.

Investigations revealed that a fight had broken out between the couple due to a misunderstanding. The woman did not suffer any injuries from the scuffle.

The case will be investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing voluntary hurt and carries a jail term of a year, a fine of RM2,000, or both if found guilty.

Cover Images via Instagram

Author: Anna Wong
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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