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Lost Baby Wild Boar Runs Frantically Across Highway, Onlookers Yell Directions So That It Wouldn’t Get Hurt

A baby wild boar decided to make a surprise appearance,capturing the attention and concern of viewers with its dash across a busy Malaysian road.

The 44-second clip, now viral, shows the adorable piglet sprinting with all its might, much to the amusement of onlookers.

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The video begins with the usual sights of a Malaysian road, cars and motorbikes zipping by.

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Suddenly, a tiny wild boar piglet emerges, running across the road with a loss of direction.

As the piglet makes its daring crossing, drivers slow down to let it pass safely, some even stopping to ensure the little one’s journey is unhindered.

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The driver and her friends were cheering for the piglet, shouting “Run to the left!” as it made its way across.

When the piglet finally ran to the left, they cheered and hoorayed.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the driver shared that the incident occurred on the Elite Highway and they were concerned as the piglet seemed lost.

“My friend noticed the baby boar first. I was busy driving and the traffic was luckily pretty slow at that time,” said the driver.

The scene is both heartwarming and humorous, as the piglet seems blissfully unaware of the commotion it’s causing.


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