Life hack: This Malaysian turns a wooden cutting board into a car dining table

MCO 2.0 life hack.

PENANG – Cars are more than just a mode of transportation. It serves the purpose of a private place where we can have our ME-time, settle ourselves after a hectic day, make private calls or even eating. Recently, restaurants and coffee shops are not allowed to dine in due to the implementation of MCO 2.0. This is definitely a “bad news” for salespersons who still need to work outside.

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According to Oriental News Daily, a market executive Zhong Zi Liang transformed a wooden cutting board into a small table, attach it to the steering wheel, and became a small table which allows him to eat in the comfort of his car.

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Life hack: this malaysian turns a wooden cutting board into a car dining table
Zhong Ziliang turns a cutting board into a table so he can easily enjoy a variety of food in the car. (Photo from Oriental News Daily)

He pointed out that his home is around Kuala Langak, but his company is located in Cheras area. As a market executive, he has to travel around. It is inconvenient to “tapau” (take away), goes home to eat and get back to his workplace again.

“I can only have my brunch in the car. Usually I will only “tapau” chicken rice, economy rice or other non-soup food to eat in the car to avoid spillings and getting stains in the car, but I love noodle soup!”

Then, this idea came to his mind one day after having hislunch in the car. “If there is a board that can be attached to the steering wheel and served as a dining table, it can solve the problem of eating noodle soup in the car.”

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Therefore, he went to the hardware store and spent RM 17 on a wooden cutting board and a mini saw. He explained the process of making this smart steering wheel tray in a video posted on his Facebook. He first measured the thickness and width of the steering wheel of his car and then cut out the hooks for the wooden cutting board according to the measurement so that the hook is fit to the steering wheel and serves as a table for eating and working. It was successful at his first attempt.

Now it can be the place where he can comfortably eat a bowl of curry mee or whip out his laptop,

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Sources: Oriental News Daily

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