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LG Rent-Up Upgrades And Transforms The Future Of Living In Malaysia

LG Rent-UpTM facilitates effortless home upgrades for Malaysians, offering flexible rental periods spanning from 5 to 7 years.
LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the launch of LG Rent-UpTM, marking the debut of the first comprehensive home appliance rental service in Malaysia. This innovative rental programme offers Malaysians unprecedented flexibility and affordability in owning or upgrading their homes with the latest smart home appliances from LG. 

Renting Made Easy with LG Rent-UpTM

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Gone are the days of daunting upfront costs and outdated appliances. LG Rent-UpTM empowers Malaysians to elevate their living spaces with peace of mind and convenience, all while maintaining financial stability.

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With a diverse selection of LG home appliances available across nine LG product lines including water purifiers, air purifiers, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, TVs and more, Malaysians can now effortlessly upgrade their homes with a minimum flexible rental period of 5 years to a maximum period of 7 years, depending on the range of products chosen. 

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“We are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive LG Rent-UpTM rental programme to fellow Malaysians. With LG Rent-UpTM, we aim to redefine the rental experience by equipping Malaysians with our innovative products and services, without the weight of extravagant upfront payments,” said Justin Choi, Managing Director of LG Malaysia. 

App-solutely Convenient: LG ThinQ Integration

To ensure that consumers have access to high-quality smart home appliances, LG products come with a comprehensive service package encompassing self-service and regular visits from LG technicians, along with seamless integration with the LG ThinQ app, enabling users to monitor their rented product status effortlessly.

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Alongside expert consultation, free delivery and installations, and dedicated customer support, LG Rent-UpTM offers a standard warranty throughout the rental period. 

Additionally, consumers can seamlessly upgrade their rented products to newer LG home appliances at the end of their rental term, creating a satisfying customer experience. 

(third from right) justin choi, managing director of lg electronics malaysia (lg) together with (from left)  jonathan khoo, team leader of puricare sales; hoo wai sam, head of product marketing; hojin jung, product director of puricare biz; song you june, chief financial officer of lg electronics malaysia and joey tang, team leader of puricare service launched lg rent-uptm, malaysia's first comprehensive home appliance rental service.
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“What truly sets our rental service apart is our commitment to providing an effortless and seamless experience. As the sole provider offering a diverse range of product lines under our rental programme, we are excited for Malaysians to embrace an upgraded and smarter way of living,” said Justin. LG Rent-UpTM is now available nationwide in Malaysia. 

For more information about LG and their LG Rent-UpTM scheme, please visit the nearest LG Brandshops nationwide, or visit LG’s official website https://www.lg.com/my/rent-up or follow LG’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LGMalaysia for the latest updates, news, and promotions.

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