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Lee Chong Wei shares his “cutting the cord” experience on Valentine’s Day post, melts M’sians hearts


Our national badminton icon, Datuk Lee Chong Wei often took to social media to share his stories during meaningful occasions. This Valentine’s Day, he shares a story of him cutting the umbilical cord during her wife giving birth and how he appreciates her so much.

Lee chong wei shared his "cutting the cord" experience on valentine's day post, melts m'sians hearts
Photo via Facebook/ Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟

He began the post by recalling how, when his wife, Datin Wong Mew Choo, was pregnant for the first time, he was still active in his badminton.

Despite his busy schedule, he always made time to accompany his wife to regular check-ups.

However, he said most of the time he can’t contribute anything other than being by her side in the doctor’s room.

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For most of the visits, I was no more than a ‘pasu bunga‘ in the doctor’s room with MewChoo going through the checks and scans.

A superwoman behind Lee Chong Wei

He also praised how great and strong was his wife during her pregnancy.

The more visits I went, the more I believe my wife is a superwoman.

Lee Chong Wei said his job as a “pasu bunga” came to an end when the obstetrician said: “Chong Wei, are you ready? You know you need to cut the umbilical cord kan? Can you do it?”

Having cut his badminton strings for million times, Chong Wei thought it was nothing difficult to him.

Lee chong wei shared his "cutting the cord" experience on valentine's day post, melts m'sians hearts
Photo via Facebook/ Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟

“How dare he look down at me when I cut badminton broken strings so many million times in my life? Potong saja ape Susah.”

The day finally came and Chong Wei was in awe of his wife’s sacrifice and love for him and their baby.

May be an image of 2 people, child, people sitting and people standing
Photo via Facebook/ Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟

He knew he was wrong when he thought that cutting the cord is just as easy as cutting the badminton string when he can’t even hold the scissors properly when the doctor asked him to do so.

The moment I held the scissor, I went jelly terus. Total jelly. I just need to cut, to mark the arrival of my baby. I looked at my wife. I can’t do it, susah drpd playing badminton leh. Ya, I can’t even hold a scissor yet she can hold a baby so steadily for 9 months in her body.

He ended the lengthy and heartwarming post with a funny side note about a conversation with his son, Kingston.

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Kingston asked why there’s no holiday for Valentine’s Day. “Melayu Raya cuti , Cina Raya cuti , India Raya cuti, pekerja Raya cuti, takkan kekasih Raya tak cuti?”

Does anyone think that Valentine’s day should be a public holiday? ;’) Comment and let us know?

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