‘KL’s Terrible!’ – China Tourist Claims Her Trip To M’sia Has Been Nothing But A Huge Letdown

She also said the local food was "not as good as most claimed".
A China tourist took to the internet to share her disappointing travel experience in Malaysia, mentioning letdowns such as overpriced taxi fares, underwhelming food, and disorganized streets.

According to a post on Xiaohongshu by “小鱼-客旅者Fiona,” her experiences in Kuala Lumpur were far from what she had expected.

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Lacking cultural atmosphere

Lack of culture
Image via XHS/小鱼-客旅者Fiona

Fiona described the city center as chaotic and noisy, lacking the cultural atmosphere she expected.

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Iconic landmarks such as the Petronas Towers, Independence Square, and Petaling Street did not meet her expectations.

“These supposedly unique places are very different from the pictures. Some popular spots looked old and rundown. Petaling Street felt like a small, obscure county in China,” she wrote.

She also noted issues with littering and disorganized urban layout, which further dampened her spirits.

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Petaling street has nothing
Image via XHS/小鱼-客旅者Fiona

Felt unsafe

Fiona felt uneasy walking through the streets, affecting her overall travel experience.

“The number of Indians here is overwhelming! I constantly felt unsafe, whether calling for a taxi or ordering food delivery,” she expressed.

Fiona criticized the uncivil behavior of some locals, saying it negatively impacts Malaysia’s image.

Beggar sleeping beside the street
Image via XHS/小鱼-客旅者Fiona

She also voiced dissatisfaction with public transportation, citing overcharging by drivers.

“I was ripped off by a taxi right out of the airport. The service attitude of public transport staff was terrible. I waited a long time for a ride-share during the rain,” she complained.

Even the food?

Despite the reputation of Malaysian cuisine, Fiona found the local food underwhelming.

“I was excited to try various local delicacies, but I was greatly disappointed. Many dishes did not live up to their reputed taste. I even encountered price gouging at some eateries,” she noted.

Fiona’s overall experience was marred by numerous unpleasant encounters, leaving her feeling deeply disappointed.

“This trip to Kuala Lumpur really let me down. My original expectations turned into disappointment and regret,” she concluded.

Netizens’ reaction

In response, many netizens chimed in and replied to her comment, with some arguing that her experience should not be generalized.

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“The place you visit, like KLCC, Jalan Alor are all tourist spots filled with foreign workers.”

The place you visit is all filled with foreign worker

Another tourist from China share that she has a very pleasant experience in Malaysia.

Went to Kuala Lumpur and came back, and I’m still full of fond memories. It’s really suitable for those who love shopping and delicious food. I ate durian, bak kut teh, fried chicken, Nasi Lemak, seafood, coffee, and pig intestines… At ICC Pudu, I had so much delicious food that I can’t forget. Then I went to Sungei Wang Plaza to shop. There are a lot of people there, and it is said to be the largest shopping mall. If I get a chance, I will definitely go again. ICC Pudu is really great!

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Comment icc pudu has great food

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