“We Never Knew She Needed Help” — Relatives Of Klang Girl Who Killed Herself Say She Never Spoke Of Inner Struggles

They hope her passing will cause others to be more aware of their loved ones' mental wellbeing.
Two days ago, Malaysians banded together to help search for a 22-year-old Klang girl who was reported missing by family members on Monday (Apr 24).

Tragically, the lifeless body of Ang Hui Enn was later found the next day at an alley located not far from her home in Taman Sentosa, along with a white Myvi she usually drove in.

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Ang hui enn
Photo via FB/巴生人

Furthermore, what made her passing all the more tragic was a suicide note she reportedly left behind, where she apologised to family members for wanting to end her own life and said that she felt “worthless” and “weak”.

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Relatives: ‘We never knew she needed help’

Speaking to reporters at the funeral yesterday, two of Hui Enn’s cousins surnamed Xie and Chen (transliteration) revealed further details of her life before her untimely death.

According to Xie, Hui Enn had a close relationship with her family, where she’d often spend time with them by having meals or watching movies together.

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Photo via Sin Chew Daily

However, Hui Enn gradually became more isolated and withdrawn, where it began with her refusing to return to China to resume her studies after the reopening of international borders.

A few months before Hui Enn’s death, several of her friends told us that she had cut off all contact with them. When we asked her about it, she declined to divulge more details. We thought that she had done so due to her introvert nature so we didn’t pursue the matter.

“Moreover, she didn’t show any signs of suicidal ideation before her passing and we never knew she needed help until we later found out through her suicide note that she had consulted a psychologist,” she said.

Photo via China Press

Xie added that the autopsy concluded that Hui Enn’s death was due to suicide and had no signs of foul play.

‘Care for your loved ones more’

Despite her heartbreaking loss, Xie said she hopes Hui Enn’s death will serve as a reminder for others to show more compassion and care for their loved ones.

If you notice that they aren’t their usual self, spend more time talking to them. Also, never think that you’re worthless in this world and always remember to reach out to your family for help as they are the ones who will be there for you.

Our deepest condolences to Hui Enn’s family for their loss and you ever need a listening ear, please contact these helplines that are available throughout the country!

Suicide help
In light of the tragedy, read this opinion piece about why suicides still happen and what we can do to prevent such incidents in the future:

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