Kind M’sian Kids Donate Their Duit Raya To Neighbor Who Lost Her House To A Fire

True nobility lies in helping others, even when we ourselves have nothing left.

Setting an admirable example, a few Malaysian children generously donate their ‘Duit Raya’ to a neighbor who recently lost her home in a fire.

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Children giving their ang pow to an aunt
Photo via China Press

Kindhearted kids donate their ‘Duit Raya’

According to China Press, these kids gathered the ‘Duit Raya’ they received during the Hari Raya Festival to donate to a family whose home was ravaged by flames on the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

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They successfully gathered around RM17 and donated it to 40-year-old Farida, whose house was burned down by flames last Tuesday (April 9).

Man receiving duit raya
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

Upon learning of Farida’s plight, Mohd Khairul, an 11-year-old from the same residence in Pasir Gudang, rallied six of his friends to join him in a gesture of goodwill.

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The group decided to donate the RM17 they had collected during a fundraiser to Farida’s family.

For Mohd Laing, the act of giving was a natural extension of the values instilled by his parents, who emphasised the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need.

Similarly, Mohd Zafan echoed the sentiment, affirming that aiding others in times of crisis brings joy and fulfilment.

Tengku Shahir, another child who contributed to the cause, expressed his desire for the donation to serve as a source of warmth and comfort for Farida’s family during this challenging period.

Farida was touched by the children’s kindness

Upon receiving the heartfelt gesture from her neighbours’ children, Farida was deeply moved. She emphasised that it was not the amount donated that mattered but rather the profound impact of their kindness.

Their kind gesture didn’t just give help to those who needed it but also showed how people can come together and care for each other.

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