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Kid mourns over mother’s death at quarantine centre while his father battles COVID


PETALING JAYA – 2021 has been a disaster for all humanity, with COVID-19 leaving a trail of devastation and grief for many families.

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On Wednesday (July 7), a video showing a boy crying alone at the MAEPS quarantine centre in Serdang has gone viral, breaking the hearts of many.

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A frontliner believed to be working at the quarantine centre filmed the tearful scene.

Kid mourns over mother's death at quarantine centre while his father battles covid

According to the frontliner, the boy’s father is currently fighting for his life after getting infected with COVID-19, while his mother had passed away not too long ago.

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“His father was sent to quarantine centre for treatment due to low blood oxygen levels and later received news of his mother’s death from COVID-19.”

Unable to accept the reality of his mother’s passing, the boy sobbed uncontrollably as two frontliners in full personal protective equipment (PPE) quietly comforted him, with one patting his back continuously.

A doctor, DR Nimelesh, retweeted the video and said he knew exactly how the boy felt.

“I lost my father when I was 11. So I can feel what he is feeling right now. Stay strong buddy. Sending love and hugs.”

The video soon found its way to TikTok and Twitter, where it accumulated over 26.1k retweets.

Many netizens expressed their sympathy for the boy’s loss and wrote words of encouragement to lift his spirits. They also praised the frontliners for their dedication and hard work in combatting the virus.

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