JB man rushed to the ICU after consuming ‘drumstick fish’ bought on Facebook Live

Best to buy it from the market instead.

JOHOR BAHRU – A Malaysian man named Kai landed himself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after eating some ‘drumstick fish’ he had bought via Facebook Live, which led to severe poisoning.

Kai’s wife and mother, who also ate the fish, experienced mild symptoms and recovered within two days.

In a Facebook post, Kai shared how he and his family were enjoying a meal of fried ‘drumstick fish’ last Sunday (June 20) and noticed a strange taste in his mouth after a few bites.

Jb man rushed to the icu after consuming 'drumstick fish' bought on facebook live,
(For illustration purposes only. Photo via Guang Ming Daily)

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Not long after, he began to experience dizziness, numbness on his tongue and lips, and weak limbs.

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As his condition continued to deteriorate, Kai immediately told his wife to take him to the hospital.

“The doctor took my husband for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and then admitted him into the ICU at around 11 pm,” Kai’s wife recalled.

Jb man rushed to the icu after consuming 'drumstick fish' bought on facebook live

Thankfully, Kai was transferred to the general ward the next day and was told that he had a case of severe food poisoning.

When asked where the ‘drumstick fish’ came from, Kai’s wife said that she had bought it from a seller through Facebook Live.

“It’s a type of fish with a lot of meat and no bones. Usually, the head and skin are removed before it’s sold.

“Perhaps when they removed the skin and the internal organs, they didn’t clean it thoroughly, leaving the toxins inside the fish.”

However, she declined to reveal the seller’s details as he/she had apologised to her and her family.

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“Everyone’s business is suffering right now, I don’t want to make it public,” she said.

As for Kai, he is extremely thankful to have his life spared.

“I didn’t expect to have such symptoms after eating a fish. Now I know what does it really mean to be at Death’s door,” he said when contacted by 8world news.

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Sources: Cover image via 8world news

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