‘It’s Really Terrible!’ — M’sian Blogger Posts List Of Complaints About KLIA But Some Netizens Disagree

What are your thoughts on KLIA?
Recently, a netizen posted a long rant on her KLIA experience, saying it always makes her travel off to a bad start.

Referring to a recent airport ranking, which ranked KLIA as the 8th (now 9th) worst airport, she mentioned that she initially held onto hope but ultimately found herself disappointed.

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The netizen behind the post, detailed a list of issues that she and many others have faced at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), shedding light on the inconveniences that may have affected the reputation of this airport.

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Suspended Aerotrain service

Klia aerotrain
Image via Wikipedia

Her first point of criticism targets the Aerotrain service, which has been non-operational and under maintenance since last year, and travellers have to resort to shuttle buses to transit between terminals.

“We have to queue for 15 minutes just to get on the bus this morning.” She wrote.

She mentioned that the Aerotrain, after 25 years in operation, has been under maintenance and upgrade for a long time, and buses were brought in as a temporary solution, prompting questions about why a smoother transition plan wasn’t in place.

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Subpar facilities

She then discusses the poor condition of the restrooms at Terminal C. Despite the availability of several facilities, only a few are in working order due to maintenance issues, leading to long lines and general dissatisfaction.

Public toilet sign
For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

This ongoing issue with the facilities unfairly puts cleaning staff in a tough spot, as they end up facing most of the complaints from passengers.

She also highlights the ineffective check-in queue system, emphasizing the lack of online baggage drop options available at KLIA2.

Passengers are forced to arrive at least three hours early, only to spend that time waiting in line to check in their luggage.

Additionally, she highlights the issue of limited drinking water access.

Klia airport
For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

After security checks, passengers are left with no option to refill their water bottles until meal service on the plane, a stark contrast to other international airports and KLIA2, which offer water refill stations.

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The situation is exacerbated by numerous non-working charging stations in the waiting areas.

Lastly, the netizen expresses her disappointment with the limited dining options at KLIA compared to KLIA2.

Despite her occasional issues with Air Asia, she prefers KLIA2 for its better facilities.

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“Each visit to KLIA begins with me bracing myself for these challenges, hoping for a good day despite the anticipated difficulties. “ She wrote.

Heated debate among netizens

After her post gained traction on Facebook, it sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with some of them expressing opposing opinions.

Notably, one of the comments shared her own KLIA experience, which she felt was satisfying.

Comment praising klia
Screenshot via FB

“Last month, I returned to Malaysia and my time at T1 was very different from yours. From getting off the plane to taking a bus to the arrival area, there were lots of staff happy to help and answer questions, all smiling. “

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“Walking through, I could really tell they wanted to make things better. If I were visiting for the first time, I’d feel really good about Malaysia right away because of how friendly everything was. “

“The next day, when I was catching a domestic flight, I used the self-service for dropping off my luggage. The staff were there to help with everything, from printing out luggage tags to lining up for the drop-off. “

“Also, KLIA has this new thing called EZPaz; I signed up right at the airport. When it was time to board, I just looked at a machine that recognized my face, and the gate opened up, letting me board quickly.”

“The overall experience was really good, it felt like coming home. I felt the warmth of home and the hospitality of Malaysia.”

Read the original post here:

Klia rant original post
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