Instafamous apologizes over disrespectful joke towards Iban traditional attire

He said he has no motive to offend anyone with the joke.

Instafamous Ryzal Ibrahim uploaded an apology video today on his Instagram after a 55-second Instagram story of him joking about Iban traditional costume sparked anger among netizens.

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The Instagram story is believed to have been taken down soon after he realized the sensitivity of the joke he made, but the recorded clip has blown up on Twitter.

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As can be seen in the 55-second video, his Korean wife, Maryam was clad in an Iban traditional costume as Ibrahim; he was behind the camera giving comments and joking about the costume designs.

“Syiling kan, syiling orang letak dalam pocket.” (Coins are supposed to be kept inside pocket). The Instafamous can be heard joking about the coin corset, with dangling coins at the front of the costume.

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“Ini kain buruklah.”

“This is just a rugged cloth.” Many were left fuming over his disrespectful remarks regarding the Kain Kebat, a traditional woven skirt.

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Instafamous apologizes over disrespectful joke towards iban traditional attire
(Screenshot from Twitter)

It was no surprise that many netizens found his behaviour offensive and bashed the Instafamous of mocking the cultures of Iban community in Malaysia.

However, Ibrahim sincerely apologized on Instagram for being insensitive and making jokes about the Iban traditional costume worn by her wife.

An apology statement was posted promptly on his story before he uploaded another sincere apology video to seek forgiveness from Malaysians, especially the Iban community.

Instafamous apologizes over disrespectful joke towards iban traditional attire
(Screenshot from Instagram/ @ryzalibrhm)

In the 7-minute long video, Ibrahim said he has no motive to offend anyone or spark controversy. He admitted that he was being insensitive towards the multi-cultural society in Malaysia and promised to be more responsible for his words.

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Sources: Twitter/ @fabian_rossi21 & Instagram/ @ryzalibrhm

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