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Indonesian Man Spends RM11K For His Wife To Watch Taylor Swift In SG

"I'm not a Swiftie but I want to make my wife happy."

A heartwarming story has captured the hearts of many Swifties, originating from a devoted Indonesian husband’s grand gesture for his wife.

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Although he is not a Swiftie himself, he was able to fully support his wife’s dream of attending a Taylor Swift concert.

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The happy wife revealed to be an Indonesian online sensation, Ulfa Merdeka.

The man was spotted at Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” concert in Singapore on March 3, donning a unique custom-printed t-shirt that has since become the talk of the town.

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The inscription on the front of his shirt, it translates to a sentiment some can resonate with: “I might not be a Swiftie, but making my wife happy is my greatest joy.”

Indonesian man spends rm11k for his wife to watch taylor swift in sg | weirdkaya
Photo from Mothership

This wasn’t just any shirt; it was a detailed ledger of love, showcasing the lengths he went to ensure his wife could enjoy her favorite artist live on the back of the t-shirt.

Here’s a glimpse into the budget breakdown proudly displayed on his shirt:

  • Premier ticket to Taylor Swift’s concert: RM7,877 (Converted from IDR21,500,000)
  • Air travel from Surabaya to Singapore: RM2,381 (Converted from IDR7,000,000)
  • One-night stay in a cozy hotel: RM1,628 (Converted from IDR3,800,000)
  • Delightful meals and refreshments: RM1,628 (Converted from IDR3,800,000)
  • Stylish outfit for his wife: RM368 (Converted from IDR1,000,000)
  • Cherished souvenirs: RM368 (Converted from IDR1,000,000)
  • The iconic custom t-shirt: RM18.43 (Converted from IDR50,000)
  • Overall Total: RM10325.28 (IDR34350000)
Indonesian man spends rm11k for his wife to watch taylor swift in sg | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Instagram/ ulfamerdeka

However, a keen eye will notice a mismatch in his calculations, as the actual expenditure tallied up to RM11467.82 (IDR38,150,000), rather than the RM10325.28 (IDR34350000) indicated on his shirt.


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